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About us. The history of the brand Fonz Ferroni.

                                                                   "Cambia tutto! Materiale, taglio, forma, ma lo spirito maschio rimane sempre invariato!"

                                                        "Everything changes: material, cut, shape, but the masculine spirit remains always unchanged!"

                                                                                                                                                                                ― Fonz Ferroni, 1935

FONZ FERRONI - The origins

The Fonz Ferroni brand is called in honor of the famous Sicilian master of tailoring Fonz Ferroni who was born in 1891 in the city of Syracuse, Sicily. The Ferroni's family is an ancient and pious noble family in Italy. In the origins of the genus one can meet such glorified representatives as the Marquis Francesco Antonio Ferroni, whose name was mentioned in 1670 by the owner of a very ancient and luxurious castle in Florence, which is now called the Palace of the Back Ferroni ( Palazzospiniferroni).  Fonz Ferroni's great-grandfather, on his father's side, Giancarlo Ferroni, married a Sicilian girl in the early 19th century and moved to the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. Despite his ancient family from Florence, Fonz Ferroni considered himself a true Sicilian, and this greatly influenced his future life.  Since young years Fonz was fond of art, in particular painting. He showed the skill, representing courage and greatness in an armor of emperors of Rome. Further Fonz Ferroni has tried out as the individual designer tailor, and his glory has bypassed all Sicily soon. Noble roots and the Sicilian temperament allowed the master Ferroni to create elegant men's wear for many famous representatives of Italy of that time. Signori of different sectors of society came into his workshop. Among them there were rich dealers, successful bankers, godfathers of Sicily. In years when the fascist ideas have taken the whole Europe, Fonz Ferroni, as well as many businessmen of Italy, has at all rejected the idea of fascism, have been forced to leave the hometown with family and to go to America. The melancholy for native Sicily was very difficult stage in his life, and in 1943 the master has suddenly died in the USA.

60 years later, in memory of the outstanding master of his grandson Joni Ferroni in 2004 launched the company for the production of elegant men's clothing under the brand Fonz Ferroni. The main idea of the brand was the creation of a line of clothing, which combines the knight's spirit, masculine character, charm and a new look at the ancient origins.


Today the company Fonzferroni is engaged in the production of elegant men's clothing and accessories of classical style. Designer brand criteria are high quality, serious exposure, excellent cut, charisma. Clothing and accessories Fonzferroni perfectly promoted in Europe, the USA, China, Russia and other countries. The company provides a wide selection of outerwear, trousers, accessories for each season


The main purpose of the Master Ferroni always was to transfer the Knight spirit to the future generation. This is the reason why the Fonzferroni brand has become a bridge between the past, the present and the future. Realizing the full responsibility to the previous and future generations, Fonzferroni company has committed itself to the long-term supply of elegant men's clothing and accessories to the world market, imbued with the spirit of centuries-old ideas and traditions.

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